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Perth UX Camp

Friday 10 May 2019

Keynote Thursday 9 May, 5:30pm

Join us for Perth's first UX Camp (not actually involving camping), an unconference for UX professionals, students and enthusiasts.

 SOLD OUT (join the waitlist)

  UXCamp19 keynote

Following the Bar Camp format, it is a low-cost, collaborative event where participants of all levels are welcome and encouraged to bring and share talks, case studies, workshops and group discussions. The program is made after a big vote, on the day!

Example themes:
  • A workshop on a UX tool or technique
  • A talk on accessibility, UX writing, or a book you read
  • A discussion group on driverless cars
  • A case study of how your company handles UX within the agile cycle...

The sky's the limit.


 Telstra CIC, Level 17, 125 St George Terrace, Perth

How to get to UXCamp  


Thursday 5:30pm


Welcome, drinks & surprise keynote

Friday 9am
step 1

Call for speakers

Fill a template with your talk title, short description & level

step 2

1-minute pitches

Each speaker has 1 minute to make us want to hear more

step 3


Dot stickers voting, Design democracy for the win

step 4

Enjoy the camp!

That's ten to twenty 45-minutes sessions in 3 rooms

Friday 5pm
Wrap up

Until next time

Why not take the discussions to a pub :)


 Do I *have* to come prepared with a talk to give?
No, you are not forced to prepare a talk, however we strongly encourage you to! No need to be an expert to propose a group discussion theme, sit back and enjoy!

 How long do the sessions last?
Sessions last a max of 45 minutes, but you can leave plenty of time for questions and discussions.

 What level does the UX Camp target?
All levels! Let's all meet, share and learn from each other in a safe and encouraging environment.

 Why the UX Camp?
It is a company-agnostic event with no agenda but grow UX in Australia.

 Do I need to bring laptop to present?
The rooms come with screens but no in-house computers. Please bring your laptop with HDMI connection.

 Is food provided?
Friday lunch will be provided.

Ground rules: No spectators - only participants, Respect, inclusion, humility, encouragement, positivity. We want to learn, share and meet like-minded people!